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For more than 10 years we have searched around the globe for unique foods with extraordinary quality. We are committed to offering products that meet your – and our – standards of quality without compromising the safety of our consumers.

With a global food system where food travels long distances from different places, food safety has become even more important and a complex challenge. At US Fresh we strive to earn the trust of our customers and consumers, beginning with the safety of the food we offer. Our packing facility is PrimusGFS certified, and undergoes internal and third-party audits throughout the year. All our processes including transportation are performed under strict food safety standards designed to address physical, chemical and biological hazards. Our food safety management system is mainly focused on prevention and includes HACCP, GMP and full compliance with food safety requirements and expectations set by the company, governmental regulators and customers.

Most of our products are sourced from our own fields but we also source from partners who must adhere to our high quality guidelines and food safety practices. US Fresh follows a Vendor Approval Program, a process that helps us qualify and manage our vendors. We do not do business with companies that do not meet our food safety requirements.


At US Fresh, we believe that all our employees are responsible for contributing to the success of our food safety system. We provide them with the training necessary to understand our food safety practices and their role in it, including GMP fundamentals on hygiene and sanitation. Every employee is empowered to bring forward ideas that can improve our efforts and take action when they see a problem that could compromise food safety. In these past years, we have learned that food safety is a mindset and we are proud to say that we have created a culture of food safety across US Fresh

At US Fresh we believe that the work we do in this area is important and never finished. We are always seeking for ways to improve our food safety management system and continuously refine it based on what we learn every day. 

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